Broadmead Lower School

Belonging, Learning, Succeeding

Park Crescent, Bedford, Bedfordshire MK43 9NN

Tel: 01234 768318


Our Headteacher

Hello Everyone,

My name is Mrs Sharon Horobin and I am the new Headteacher at Broadmead Lower School. When I am not at school I am a Mum of two grown up children, Robert and Tori, and I am married to Steve. I have a dog named Bella and a cat named Colin. I like to spend my spare time going off on adventures in my caravan, who is named Larry. I travel all around the country visiting places of interest, beautiful scenery and wonderful beaches. I love walking along the water’s edge at the beach as it’s my favourite place to be calm and peaceful. I like to relax inside my caravan or sit outside in my deckchair with my knitting or a good book. Bella really enjoys joining in with my adventures in Larry.  I can’t wait to share my news about my travels with you all at school.


Mrs Horobin