Broadmead Lower School

Belonging, Learning, Succeeding

Park Crescent, Bedford, Bedfordshire MK43 9NN

Tel: 01234 768318




At Broadmead Lower School we aim to give children the opportunity to express themselves in a variety of ways. We want them to understand music is a unique way in which they can express themselves and communicate with those and the world around them.

Children will have the opportunity to play, perform, create and enjoy music in a range of forms. They will be encouraged to express themselves, their cultural background and understandings through music. We want children to feel safe and comfortable in a creative and musical environment.

Our music curriculum aims to provide children with the opportunity to play a range of instruments, explore sound and the way it can be made and create and compose their own music to perform and celebrate. Children will be encouraged to be creative and imaginative using both instruments and their voices. They will also develop positive attitudes towards music and experience both enjoyment, satisfaction and success within music.

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