Year 1

Hello Badgers,

We are missing you all so much!

Thank you for e mailing me and letting me know all of the exciting ways you have been keeping busy and how you have been learning at home. Amber has been baking, Lilly has been doing some maths, Connie and Mia have been playing via a video message, George enjoyed his birthday and Lucia sent me a video of her reading a book she knew would make me giggle!!  If you would like to e mail the office with anything you have been up to, I would love to hear from you.


Me, Miss Marrotta and Miss Longland were in school last Monday and we had 11 children came to join us.   Me and Charlie had a very different day to what we are used to.  We did PE with Joe Wicks, did some colouring, went on TT Rockstars, did pilates, played outside and enjoyed the sunshine.  Miss Marrotta was in everyday last week and has been entertaining the children, she has been doing an amazing job and Mrs Horobin has been answering the phone and keeping Mummies and Daddies up to date. 


I have been home, making the most of having some time to do all the things that I don’t normally have time to do. I have cleaned out cupboards, sorted clothes for the charity and enjoyed spending time in the garden.  I have been shopping and delivered food to my Dad and my sister.  I know you are probably missing seeing your family and friends, I know I am but we have to do this to stop those horrid germs spreading. Piper (my niece) drew me a lovely rainbow and I have put it up in my window.


So, I was thinking about what we could do this week.  We would have been celebrating our Pirate Day on Wednesday so I think we could try this but from your own home. I have found some pirate clothes, made a hook and drawn a flag. I’ve asked Mrs Chaplin to look out for pirate flags when she is out for her daily walk around Stewartby with Luna the dog.

You know how much I enjoy learning through books and all the exciting activities we can do around just one book!

So this week’s book is ‘The Night Pirates’ here is a link for the story.

 Once you’ve enjoyed the story, you could:

  • Spot any repeated words/phrases that the author has used
  • Use adjectives to describe the treasure in the chest that is stolen.
  • Look at the final illustration showing the postman. What might he be thinking?
  • Write a sequel for the book, with Tom going on another adventure with the Night Pirates
  • Create a 'Wanted' Poster for the Night Pirates
  • Design a new pirate outfit for Tom.
  • Look on a map and find a route across the seas for the Night Pirates to travel along.
  • Create a treasure map using co ordinates to guide the way

You can log anything you do in your exercise books from school. If you haven't already got them they are available for collection between 9 and 3.

Also, remember to practice your 2 and 10 times table and your number bonds to 10.

I won’t send any work over the Easter Break but if you would like to do some Easter crafts I would love to see them!

I know things are very strange at the moment but you are all doing amazingly well and I am so so proud of you!  Please make sure you stay in touch and I am always here if you need me.   We are missing seeing your smiling smiling faces everyday and all the wonderful work we have done together.  We can't wait until we can do it again!

Stay safe, stay home

Miss Bowers, Mrs Casale and Mrs Chaplin


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